Apple Music adds a dark mode, Live Lyrics, and Chromecast support in latest update

Apple Music adds a dark mode, Live Lyrics, and Chromecast support in latest update

The music streaming competition space is very fierce. Google’s own Google Play Music and YouTube Music apps face tough competition from apps like Spotify. Apple Music has also managed to stand up as a decent alternative as well. Apple is so committed to it, in fact, that they also launched an Android version of the app back in November 2015, despite Apple’s constant reluctance to support other platforms outside of their own ecosystem. Not only that, but the app is also consistently updated with new features and improvements in order to enhance the overall user experience across all platforms.

The latest Apple Music update brings a series of new features and improvements, one of them being a full-on dark mode for the app. Both Google and Apple have started to embrace dark mode with Android 10 and iOS 13 respectively, so Apple Music gaining a dark mode makes sense. You’ll be able to manually toggle the dark mode feature on and off by going into the app’s Settings menu and going into “Theme.” It doesn’t appear that the app abides by Android 10’s system-wide toggle, although we haven’t been able to confirm yet.

Some of Apple Music’s new features, including the dark theme and live lyrics. Image credits: Android Police

The app also gains a couple of neat features, the first of them being support for displaying live lyrics over a song’s Now Playing screen. Lyrics will be displayed while the song is playing in a similar fashion to apps like Musixmatch, highlighting the current line and allowing you to scroll through the lyrics. Additionally, but not least important by any means, the app now allows you to cast songs directly to your Chromecast, Google Home, Google Assistant-compatible speaker, or other cast-able devices, which should be excellent news for Chromecast users.

If you’re an Apple Music user and you want to try out the new features, be sure to download the newest update right now from the Google Play Store. These features were previously available in the beta channel, but now they are available for everyone.

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Via 1: Android Police / Via 2: Android Police

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