Apple Music beta for Android adds iOS 16 features, references Apple Classical

Apple Music beta for Android adds iOS 16 features, references Apple Classical

It has been rumored that Apple will hold its iPhone event in around three weeks. The main event will undoubtedly be the announcement of the new iPhones, but many are still eager to see what kind of final touches Apple will bring to iOS 16. With that said, the Apple Music for Android beta has recently been updated and offers new features that align with the current beta version being tested in iOS 16. Also, digging through the code, there are references to an app that has yet to make its public debut.

The first feature uncovered is the ability to add an artist to a “Favorite Artists” list. This can be done by heading to the artist’s page and tapping the star in the upper right-hand corner. After doing this, the app will state that the user will get better recommendations. The user will also be updated whenever the artist has a new release. Furthermore, there are changes to playlists, as they can now be sorted by album, artist, title, and release date.


By decompiling the file and looking through the code, the folks at 9to5Google found an interesting tidbit in the beta version of the Apple Music app that was uploaded to the Google Play Store. The new update has references to “Apple Classical.” The name has been floating around, appearing after Apple’s acquisition of Primephonic. Since the acquisition, there have been rumors that Apple will launch a stand-alone app dedicated to classical music. Of course, Apple Classical could end up being something else entirely, but we won’t know until it comes to fruition.

Apple is expected to launch four versions of the iPhone 14, along with the Apple Watch Series 8. There is also the possibility that a new high-end Apple Watch will make its debut. Along with all of the hardware, Apple will also debut iOS 16. Luckily, we might not have to wait long, as it has been rumored that Apple will be holding its next event on September 7.

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