Apple Music for Android gets gapless playback and Android Auto enhancements

Apple Music for Android gets gapless playback and Android Auto enhancements

While it may not be a favorite for diehard Android fans, Apple Music is certainly popular in the music streaming space. According to a research firm, it was estimated that Apple Music is just behind Spotify in market share. Clearly, there are Android users who use Apple Music, and the app just got updated with some nice features.

Apple Music v3.3.0 for Android adds gapless music playback. For those unfamiliar with the term, it simply means there’s no gap between tracks. This becomes really important when you’re listening to an album and the songs are supposed to seamlessly blend together. Instead of a jarring bit of silence between tracks, they’ll smoothly transition.


Next up in Apple Music is enhancements to Android Auto and downloads. The “Only showing music available on this device” message that appears when viewing downloads now extends to more views. This makes it more clear that you’re seeing only downloaded content when viewing albums, artists, and songs. Progress on downloads also appears to be tracked better.

The Android Auto “enhancements” aren’t clear, but we presume the experience has just been cleaned up a bit. The changelog also mentions “improved overall app performance.” Apple Music is a solid music streaming option and the Android app gained a dark theme and Chromecast support last year. Version 3.3.0 is available right now in the Google Play Store.

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