Apple will no longer pay you as much for trading in its used products

Apple will no longer pay you as much for trading in its used products

Apple has been trying to be more eco-friendly when it comes to the way it runs its operations. For example, it now resorts to smaller iPhone packages that exclude the charging brick. Another practice to battle climate change is its Trade In program. The company allows users to give up their eligible used devices to get a gift card or discount if they’re upgrading to a newer model. This way users pay less and the company recycles or refurbishes the unwanted product. Apple will reward you when trading in both (select) Android phones and some of its own products. However, it pays significantly more when you’re giving up an Apple device — rather than one manufactured by a different company. For unknown reasons, though, Apple has now dropped the values of its products when trading them in — excluding iPhones.

Device Old Max Value ($) New Max Value ($)
MacBook Pro 1,350 1,000
MacBook Air 490 400
MacBook 315 220
iMac Pro 2,135 1,500
iMac 1,200 850
Mac Pro 2,720 2,000
Mac Mini 600 450
iPad Pro 680 655
iPad Air 335 290
iPad 200 190
iPad Mini 205 200
Apple Watch Series 6 170 150
Apple Watch SE 135 120
Apple Watch Series 5 135 120
Apple Watch Series 4 105 85
Apple Watch Series 3 70 50
Apple Watch Series 2 20

As the table above reflects, some of these devices’ values have dropped significantly. When trading in certain Mac Pro models, for example, Apple will pay you $720 less than it used to. It’s also worth pointing out that the displayed values are the maximum the company is willing to pay you — depending on the device’s condition. So in reality you might be making much less when actually trading in. Though, making some money out of an unneeded device is still infinitely better than throwing it in a drawer. Alternatively, you could try selling it on second-hand markets — if you believe people are willing to pay more than Apple for it.

Do you usually trade in your old Apple device when upgrading to a new one? Why or why not? Let us know in the comments section below.

Source: Apple Trade In

Via: MacRumors

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