Grab the Apple Pencil for $80 and turn your iPad into an art tablet

Grab the Apple Pencil for $80 and turn your iPad into an art tablet

To me, one of the most attractive aspects of owning a tablet is being able to draw with it. While art tablets exist for desktops, drawing on a tablet and seeing the lines pop up on a screen elsewhere feels awkward, and isn’t something I found easy to get over. A good tablet and a good digital pen help to alleviate that problem. Apple Pencils tend to be worth it at $99, but now you can grab one on sale at Amazon for just $80!

If you’re working with an iPad, the Apple Pencil is a great accessory to have. The Pencil reportedly feels remarkedly similar to a physical pen and paper, but of course in a digital form. An artist more used to traditional media can make the jump to digital art with the Apple Pencil and iPad combo, and not have too much of a barrier to entry. Alternatively, those that like physically taking notes or journaling will find a lot to love with the setup. No need to buy expensive pens, paper, and stamps when you can replicate the feeling with a tablet you may already have!


If you grab the Apple Pencil from Amazon now, you’ll get it in time for Christmas. It might just be the perfect gift for the Apple lover in your life!

    Get the perfect accessory for your iPad with the Apple Pencil. It might be the closest you'll get to actual pen on paper, and you can get the Pencil on sale for $80!

By the way, some models of the iPad are also on sale at Amazon. For example, you can pick up the New Apple iPad Pro 256GB model for just $1,000, which is $100 off MSRP. This tablet will also arrive before Christmas… so why not get both and make it the perfect gift? I can think of a lot of people in my life that would appreciate something like this!

    Looking for a great tablet? You can't do much better than the iPad Pro. The 256GB model is $100 off MSRP, and it'll make it in time for Christmas!

If you’re looking for even more Apple-themed holiday gifts, they’ve set up a special Amazon page just for that purpose, as well. I heard the new line of iPhones was pretty good, after all!

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