Apple is reportedly testing iPhones with USB-C

Apple is reportedly testing iPhones with USB-C

After years of rumors, Apple could finally be replacing its Lightning connector with a USB-C charging port on future iPhone models. We’ve heard rumors of this in the past, but things could really be moving forward as it’s now being reported by Mark Gurman that Apple is currently testing USB-C ports in iPhones.

The change is potentially being tested as a response to a recent proposal in Europe that could alter the continent’s electronics landscape. Those hoping for the change to occur this year will be disappointed, as Apple’s switch to USB-C most likely wouldn’t occur until 2023. This, of course, would be at the earliest. While this might be a welcome change for most, some users of Apple’s other products and accessories might feel displaced by the change.


In order to maintain the harmony between its new and old products, Apple is reportedly testing an adapter that would convert USB-C to Lightning.

Although this might seem like a big change, and, well, it is, Apple already has plenty of USB-C devices on the market. The firm makes use of the USB-C port for some of its iPads and also includes the port on its Macs. If the change does occur, consumers should hopefully see many benefits like faster charging and quicker data transfer speeds.

It remains to be seen whether Apple will fully commit to USB-C, making a global change one of its most iconic product lines. There’s also the possibility that Apple will have different models for different regions. Regardless, this change could create quite an impact. It will be interesting to see how Apple navigates the USB-C problem and what kinds of solutions they might create. Will it fully commit to USB-C on its products or will the company skirt the issue by only producing USB-C devices for the European market. What do you think?

Source: Bloomberg

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