Apple might’ve scrapped a readied M1 Mac Pro in favor of an “M2 Extreme” one

Apple might’ve scrapped a readied M1 Mac Pro in favor of an “M2 Extreme” one

Apple continues to expand its diverse family of great Macs. Just last month, it announced an M2-powered MacBook Pro with a Touch Bar and a completely overhauled MacBook Air M2. These latest additions to its line of computers expectedly pack the company’s silicon — as the Cupertino firm has been transitioning from Intel processors to its own chipsets. The only Mac to still exclusively rely on an Intel chip is the Mac Pro. Also known as the Cheese Grater on some online platforms, this Mac targets businesses and advanced power users. Earlier this year, Apple confirmed that it’s working on an M-fueled Mac Pro. However, a new report indicates that the company might’ve already had a readied one months ago. It just decided not to sell it.


M2 Extreme Mac Pro

In an exclusive interview with Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, a new Max Tech video reveals that Apple might’ve already produced an M1-powered Mac Pro. According to the report, the Cupertino overlord has decided not to launch the M1 version of this Mac in favor of an upcoming “M2 Extreme” one. If the details were to be accurate, Apple could reveal this new Mac Pro later this year — with its launch possibly being in early 2023.

The current Mac Pro (2019) starts at $5,999 and is obviously not aimed at average users. This explains why Apple might’ve held back on an M1 version. Releasing an insanely-mighty model could make more sense in this context — considering the very specific customers this Mac caters to.

M2 Mac Mini

In the same interview, Mark also shares that Apple will likely stick to the current Mac Mini design for the time being. Previous rumors had pointed to a potential external redesign. However, the leaker believes that the company will only give it an M2 chip upgrade instead.

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Source: Max Tech

Via: MacRumors

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