Apple will soon force developers to include an account deletion option in their apps

Apple will soon force developers to include an account deletion option in their apps

Apple is infamous for its strict guideline enforcement when it comes to its App Store. The company can be unforgiving when developers try to cross the limits it has set. For example, the Cupertino tech giant didn’t hesitate to ban Epic Games’ account when Fortnite implemented a third-party payment method. As a result, Epic Games lost the privilege to place its products on Apple’s store. The tech overlord’s strictness can be beneficial for users, though. This is especially apparent in an upcoming guideline that Apple is implementing next month. Developers who allow users to create an account through their apps will be forced to offer an account deletion option as well. The rule was announced a long while ago, and it’ll finally take effect starting June 30. That’s assuming the company doesn’t delay it yet again — of course.


In a post on its Developer website, Apple has reminded developers that they have until June 30 to abide by the new rule. Those who offer an account creation button in their apps will have to include an obvious button to delete it. This spares iPhone users having to contact support or go through endless redirects to delete their online account and data from a certain server. The new guideline will particularly benefit those residing in countries with no strict data protection laws.

It’s worth noting that temporary deactivation or account freezing is insufficient. The app must include an easy-to-spot permanent deletion button that gets rid of all data related to a user. Obviously, if local laws contradict this guideline, developers can adjust their apps accordingly. You can read the full details on Apple’s Developer website, linked below.

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Source: Apple’s Developer website

Via: MacRumors

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