The Apple Studio Display has one major flaw you should be aware of

The Apple Studio Display has one major flaw you should be aware of

Apple revealed the Studio Display during its Peek Performance event earlier this week. This monitor comes with extraordinary specifications that are not usually available on typical monitors. For the unfamiliar, the Studio Display comes with a front-facing camera, speakers, USB Type-C ports, a studio-quality mic array, and Apple’s A13 Bionic chip. What many users don’t know, though, is that the Apple Studio Display also comes with a major flaw. Those who don’t pay attention to a particular detail could regret their expensive purchase later on.

Apple Studio Display stands

The Cupertino tech giant is selling the Studio Display with three stand options to choose from. There’s a tilt-adjustable stand, a tilt- and height-adjustable stand, and a VESA mount adapter. They start at $1,599, $1,999, and $1,599 in the US respectively. What plenty of people don’t know, though, is that the stand option they go for is permanent. One would think that users could switch the stand — if they decide to change their workspace’s layout down the road. However, Apple mentions when picking a stand that they’re built-in and can’t be switched later on. So once you buy a Studio Display, you’re stuck with the same stand forever.


This execution makes absolutely no sense to us. Apple could’ve easily made the different stands universally interchangeable. Additionally, it could’ve sold the stands separately without the Studio Display for those who want to switch them. Instead, it has decided that users should just stick to their same (home) office decors. So if you plan on buying this super advanced monitor, ensure that you’re ready to settle for the same layout until the displays dies or you list it on the second-hand market.

Do you plan on buying the Apple Studio Display? If so, which of the stand options are you going for? Let us know in the comments section below.

Source: TechRadar

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