Apple Studio Display users report high-pitched, buzzing noises

Apple Studio Display users report high-pitched, buzzing noises

The Apple Studio Display is a problem child — there, I’ve said it. For the unfamiliar, it’s a smart monitor that comes with built-in speakers, webcam, processor, and more. This $1,599 external display even receives software updates over the air. Despite it sounding like a fancy, advanced product, this device has had a rough start. It’s true that first-gen products tend to be problematic. However, Apple has been producing iMacs for years now. While they’re not exactly the same, they share a lot of similarities.

At first, users started complaining about webcam quality issues. That was followed by an audio bug that randomly kills the speakers. In spite of Apple fixing the aforementioned glitches, the Studio Display is still suffering. This time, it’s audibly screaming for help — quite literally.


A new day, a new bug on the Studio Display

According to MacRumors, Apple Studio Display users are complaining about a high-pitched, buzzing noise. The sound is reportedly emitting from the top or back of the screen. It could possibly be due to an electrical interference. Affected users have resorted to online platforms — including Reddit and Twitter — to share their experiences.

I’m experiencing a very annoying high-pitched buzzing sound with my Studio Display, I’ve spoken to others on Twitter who also have the problem and I’ve had Apple support on the case but nothing was resolved.

It’s not the fans, it’s a distinct (and very annoying) sound that emanates from the rear area of the display, roughly where the power supply is positioned.

I’m 90% certain the display is picking up interference from somewhere and amplifying it, maybe through the house power circuit but I can’t be sure. Someone I spoke to believes the PSU is poorly shielded but I have no idea if that’s true either.

The issue seems to be present even on the replacement units that Apple is shipping. In spite of that, the company is now seemingly aware of the bug. We will have to see when and if a software update fixes this serious bug. In the meantime, affected users will have to be patient.

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Source: MacRumors

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