Apple could be upgrading the front camera for the iPhone 14 series, and Android phones will definitely follow

Apple could be upgrading the front camera for the iPhone 14 series, and Android phones will definitely follow

We’re about half a year away from the iPhone 14 lineup’s potential release. Typically, Apple holds iPhone launch events in the Fall — usually in September. Despite it being months away, we’ve already been hearing rumors and spotting leaks revolving around the upcoming lineup. For example, we already know that the Cupertino tech giant could be ditching the Mini variant and going for a new assortment — iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Max, iPhone 14 Pro, and iPhone 14 Pro Max. Additionally, there’s a high chance that Apple will go for a pill/hole-punch design on the Pro variants of the iPhone 14. The regular 14 models will seemingly retain the same notch currently present on the iPhone 13 lineup. A fresh report is now sharing additional information regarding the iPhone 14 lineup’s front camera. We could potentially be seeing significant improvements later this year.


Reliable analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has shared some new details regarding the front camera on the iPhone 14 series. He believes that Apple will be switching from fixed-focus to autofocus on all four models. That’s in addition to adopting a better aperture of about f/1.9 — instead of the current f/2.2. Kuo states:

The front camera of four new iPhone 14 models in 2H22 would likely upgrade to AF (autofocus) & about f/1.9 aperture (vs. iPhone 13’s FF (fixed-focus) and f/2.2). AF support and a lower f-number can provide a better shallow depth-of-field effect for selfie/portrait mode. In addition, AF can also enhance the focus effect for FaceTime/video call/live streaming.

Ming-Chi Kuo believes that these improvements will enhance the quality of FaceTime and other video calls. Considering our world has become more digital in recent years, it would make sense for Apple to improve the quality of what some users depend on for work meetings and classes. If these iPhone rumors were to be true, Android phone manufacturers will likely follow suit. That’s because Apple tends to push trends in this field, and many phones still settle for fixed-focus instead of autofocus for the front camera.

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Source: Ming-Chi Kuo

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