Apple Wallet in iOS 16 gets you one step closer to ditching your, er, wallet

Apple Wallet in iOS 16 gets you one step closer to ditching your, er, wallet

The last couple of years has been pretty big for contactless transactions and iOS 16 is ready to make another push to get you to ditch your physical wallet. The changes being made to iOS 16 encompass some features that will be limited to areas of the United States, but Apple is also open to making some of its features open to other platforms.

First up, Maryland and Arizona now support Wallet ID, Apple’s digital ID verification service. In addition to these two, Apple shared that another 11 should be coming soon, without any further information on which states. Wallet ID can be used in apps, too, such as Uber, and doesn’t have to share your specific information. For example, it can say that you’re over the age of 21 without providing your actual age.


Wallet ID at WWDC 22

Digital keys from Apple Wallet can also be shared easier through apps such as Mail, Messages, and WhatsApp. Those receiving digital keys will be able to add them into their own Apple Wallet with just a tap from those same apps. This is obviously useful for hotel room keys, but perhaps most surprising is that this might not be a feature just for iOS 16 and beyond.

Apple is apparently working on providing this same feature to Android users by using industry-standard technology. If only Apple thought the same about RCS.

This isn’t the only new feature Apple is adding to Wallet and Apple Pay with iOS 16. Also revealed at WWDC is a new take on buy now pay later that will allow eager buyers of shiny new tech to pay in chunks spread out over two-weekly intervals. Instead of handing over the full amount in one go, Apple will allow you to split it into four intallments. Unlike the Apple Card, this new feature is available everywhere that currently supports Apple Pay and Apple Wallet will help you keep tabs.

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