Apple is adding four new animated watch faces to watchOS 9

Apple is adding four new animated watch faces to watchOS 9

Apple is adding new watch faces to supported Apple Watch models with watchOS 9, with a touch of animation to add more life to the display. These include a new Lunar Calendar, Playtime, Metropolitan, and a refreshed Astronomy watch face. Apple also says it’s bringing rich complications to more watch faces.

The new Lunar Calendar watch face lets you see the current date and time in the context of the lunar calendar, with support for multiple lunar calendars such as the Chinese and Hebrew calendars. While the time and date display looks pretty complex by itself, you can still see rich complications in the corners of your Apple Watch display, so this makes for a pretty complex watch face.


The Playtime watch face is simpler, and it features large, animated numbers displaying the time when you raise your wrist, but the numbers stand still when you bring when you bring it back down.

Then there’s the new Metropolitan watch face, which features an analog watch face with a more classic look. The numbers use a unique font, and you can stretch the numbers vertically by rotating the crown on the Apple Watch. Additionally, this watch face also supports rich complications in the corners of the screen.

Finally, the Astronomy watch face has been refreshed, now featuring a constantly updating model of the Earth and solar system, so you can see the day and night cycle change throughout the day.

Other changes include improvements to the Portraits watch face so it can show depth even wit pictures of animals like cats and dogs. Plus, some watch faces like Modular now support additional customizations like custom background gradients. Apple is also making it possible to tie different watch faces to different focus modes on the iPhone, similar to how the new lock screen works in iOS 16.

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