The Apple Watch “Pro” could arrive with hefty price tag

The Apple Watch “Pro” could arrive with hefty price tag

We have previously reported on a high-end Apple Watch that could arrive towards the end of 2022.  Now we get some new information regarding the watch, like how it could be priced the same as an iPhone 13 Pro.

According to Bloomberg, Apple’s next smartwatch will have a new addition in its lineup, featuring a “Pro” model. This model will not only elevate the watch to a new level with materials and features but also cost quite a bit more. While the outlet can’t be sure of the watch’s exact price, its best guess is that it will sit above the price of the current Apple Watch Edition model. The 45mm variant has the same internals as the standard edition, but it does have one significant difference – a titanium casing. As for its price, the Edition is currently priced at $899.


Bloomberg estimates that the “Pro” model will exceed this price, anywhere from $900 to $999. If it does peak at the $999 price point, the watch will cost just as much as the current iPhone 13 Pro with 128GB of internal storage. It will be interesting to see how many follow through with a purchase when it is announced. Although Apple currently sells a $1749 Apple Watch, it is a collaboration with Hermès, a luxury brand. While any smartwatch costing close to $1000 is expensive, we can be thankful that Apple won’t be offering a $17,000 version of its watch again anytime soon.

How many will be willing to pay the premium for “Pro”?

The high-end Apple Watch will reportedly be marketed toward extreme sports athletes. The device will feature a larger display, coming in at 1.99-inches, a more rugged exterior achieved by using improved materials for the display and casing, and a sensor that can measure body temperature. One perplexing area of the new Apple Watch coming in 2022 is that they will still use the same SoC found on the Apple Watch Series 6 and Apple Watch Series 7.

Source: Bloomberg

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