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The Apple Watch SE gets a $60 discount, the biggest this year

The Apple Watch SE gets a $60 discount, the biggest this year

Grab it for a mere $219!

The Apple Watch SE (GPS, 40mm) is one of the few fitness trackers out there that are both feature-rich and affordable. This watch is just over one year old and runs the latest watchOS 8. When it comes to its hardware, this compact tracker includes most of the features Apple Watches are known for. You’re only missing out on ECG, always-on display, blood oxygen monitoring, and a few other gimmicks. This watch costs a couple of hundred dollars less than the latest Series 7, making it budget-friendly, without missing out on much. The best part? It just got a $60 discount, the biggest this year, making it even more affordable. You can own it for $219 only, while this Black Friday deal lasts.

    This Apple Watch packs a lot of power and features, despite its low price tag. You can own it now for a mere $219, while this deal lasts. At $60 off, this is the biggest discount the Watch SE has seen this year.

I’ve been personally using the Apple Watch SE every single day since its release late last year. It’s my favorite fitness and iPhone companion. I use it to check notifications on the go, control music playback when jogging or commuting, and — obviously — track my activity. I also depend on it to check my heart rate when I’m stressed out and do breathing exercises. As a water-resistant watch, I keep it on at all times, even when showering or swimming. In fact, it can track your swimming exercises, both in pools and open sea. That’s not to mention being able to FaceTime and iMessage your beloved ones, even when your iPhone is off or away.

While the Series 6 and 7 are more feature-packed, none of what they offer is tempting to me. I can confidently say that the SE does what I need and more. I never find myself thinking about upgrading to a newer model, and I don’t see this changing anytime soon. Its battery life is great and sometimes lasts me over a day, and it runs the latest watchOS version. The only reasons I’d want to upgrade eventually would be its battery significantly degrading, no longer receiving OS updates, or Apple releasing a completely redesigned model.

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