Apple Watch Ultra: These are the official colors and band options

Apple Watch Ultra: These are the official colors and band options

At its Far Out event, Apple officially unveiled the highly anticipated Apple Watch Ultra alongside the Watch Series 8 and Watch SE 2. With the Apple Watch Ultra, Apple officially enters the league of rugged smartwatches. Unlike the other two models, the Ultra is geared towards athletes and adventurers, featuring a strong aerospace-grade titanium case and a flat Retina display with a peak brightness of 2000 nits. Usually, rugged smartwatches don’t offer many color and customization options. This isn’t the case with the Apple Watch Ultra, which comes in various colors for its band options.


The Apple Watch Ultra comes in only one casing material and casing color

Titanium is the only casing option available for the Apple Watch Ultra — unlike the Apple Series 8, which has aluminum and stainless steel casings. Titanium is more durable and rugged than aluminum and stainless steel, so there being no other casing options makes sense. You also don’t get any other styling or color on this casing. The casing that Apple sells has orange highlights on the digital crown and the side button, and that’s the only choice you get — you can’t opt for any other highlight either.

Official band styles and band colors for the Apple Watch Ultra

Apple has introduced three brand new bands — Trail Loop, Alpine Loop, and Ocean Band — for the Apple Wath Ultra. Each band is designed for different outdoor activities and adventures. Note that you can buy the bands separately as well.

Trail Loop

The Trail Loop band is designed specifically for endurance athletes and runners. Made with a soft, double-layer nylon weave, it’s the thinnest Apple Watch band to date. It has a convenient pull tab that lets you make quick and easy adjustments for optimal fit. The Trail Loop band is available in three colorways: Blue/Grey, Yellow/Beige, and Black/Grey.

    The Apple Watch Ultra with Trail Loop comes in Blue/Grey, Black/Grey, and Yellow/Beige colorways

Alpine Loop

The Alpine Loop features a rugged design and is aimed at explorers. It sports two integrated layers made from one continuous weaving process without stitching and has a titanium G-hook for a secure fit. Color options include Starlight, Green, and Orange.

    The Apple Watch Ultra with Alpine Loop is available in Green, Orange, and Starlight colors.

Ocean Band

Designed for high-speed water sports and recreational diving, the Ocean Band features a flexible fluoroelastomer with a tubular geometry that stretches to provide a perfect fit. The titanium buckle and spring-loaded loop keep the strap securely in place during extreme water sports. Additionally, the watch band has an optional tail that allows it to be worn over a wetsuit.

    The Apple Watch Ultra with Ocean Band is available in Yellow, White, and Midnight colors.

The Apple Watch Ultra is hands down the best Apple Watch money can buy. It’s good to see Apple giving multiple band options and colors for its latest rugged smartwatch. You’re currently limited to the official options, but that will likely change as third-party bands become available soon. It is important to note that bands designed for the Apple Watch Series and SE models will not fit the Apple Watch Ultra due to the size difference. Looking to buy the cheaper Apple watch? Check out the best Apple Watch Series 8 deals.

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