Apple will compensate those that used an iPhone 4S with iOS 9

Apple will compensate those that used an iPhone 4S with iOS 9

Seven years ago, a group of angry consumers from New York and New Jersey filed a lawsuit against Apple. The group claimed that the company intentionally crippled the iPhone 4s with its release of iOS 9. At the time, iOS 9 was the latest and greatest, improving on the operating system’s foundations, while adding plenty that was new. But for some, it was the beginning of the end. Users with an iPhone 4s were eligible to update but complained about a lackluster or broken experience after doing so. Once updated, for most, it was not possible to return to the previous version of iOS. Now, Apple will be required to pay out $20 million to those affected.


Apple will be required to pay out $20 million to those affected

It has been a little over a decade since the launch of the iPhone 4s. The smartphone was an amazing device for its time. The handset debuted with iOS 5 and would be supported for several years after its release, with a final update taking it to iOS9. Unfortunately, Apple’s ambitious plan to keep the iPhone 4s up to date would prove harmful. Many reported that after the update to iOS9, the iPhone 4s would run slow or suffer reliability issues. In turn, this resulted in the aforementioned class-action lawsuit.

Despite the lawsuit, Apple has continued to support its devices

Despite the class-action lawsuit, Apple has continued to try and support its devices to their best abilities. This means that a majority of its devices continuously get updated, breathing new life into older hardware. Currently, Apple’s latest iOS version comes in at iOS 15. The oldest supported handset for this release is the iPhone 6s. The iPhone 6s originally launched with iOS9 and has continued to receive updates year after year. The handset has received six generations of updates since its original launch.

If you or someone you know had an iPhone 4s and updated to iOS9, you could be entitled to some compensation. For now, users will have to be patient, as there is no means to make claims for this settlement. In the near future, a website will be created in order to accept submissions.

Source: MacRumors

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