Apple could be working on a 35W dual port USB Type-C GaN charging brick

Apple could be working on a 35W dual port USB Type-C GaN charging brick

When it comes to fast charging, the first name that comes to mind as a market leader… definitely not Apple. The company remains behind the curve when it comes to adopting charging-related innovations, choosing largely to let the technology mature before adopting it, even though the tech could mature a whole lot quicker if Apple adopted it. If you’re someone who prefers to buy only Apple-branded or certified accessories and were looking for your next charging brick, then here is some good news for you: Apple could soon release a new 35W dual-port Type-C charging brick.

According to a report by 9to5Mac, Apple could be working on a 35W Dual USB-C Port Power Adapter. Support documents for this accessory briefly went live before being pulled down. The charger would support USB Power Delivery, and have the following specifications:

  • Input: 100–240V /1.0A
  • (USB PD) Output 1 or 2: 5VDC/3A or 9VDC/3A or 15VDC/2.33A or 20VDC/1.75A

Although the support documents did not mention this, it is rumored that this could be Apple’s first GaN charger as well, marking two firsts for the company. And in typical Apple fashion, the charging brick will not come with accompanying USB cables, so you need to purchase those separately, though thankfully any USB C to C cable should do.

Corroborating information comes from noted analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, and according to them, the component is nearing mass production, with about 2-3 million units expected to be shipped in 2022 itself.

Why is this new charger from Apple exciting news, even when 35W isn’t exactly “fast charging” by today’s standards? Simply because of the Apple effect. Apple’s entry into any smartphone trend absolutely solidifies that trend, even if other Android OEMs were ahead of the curve. So even though Android OEMs, especially ones in China, have experimented with GaN chargers and some multi-port charging solutions, a product from Apple would spur practically every major OEM and accessory maker to compete with a similar product. In the age where several users have multiple devices that rely on USB charging, like a combination of phones, TWS, smartwatches, and laptops, it makes sense to move towards a multi-port charging solution. Especially when you remove charging bricks from phone boxes.

If Apple does end up releasing this 35W Dual USB-C Port Power Adapter, expect many more similar products to arrive in the market, more so than they already are.

Source: 9to5Mac, Ming-Chi Kuo
Featured image: Mockup

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