Apple’s MacBook Air might come in pretty colors like the new iMac

Apple’s MacBook Air might come in pretty colors like the new iMac

Last month, Apple introduced a new 24-inch iMac that comes in pretty colors, a throwback to the famous iMac G3 from 1998. Now, Jon Prosser, who first leaked the fact that the iMac would come in colors, is saying the same about the MacBook Air.

Prosser’s Front Page Tech show said that his source was the same that provided the insight on the iMac.

The idea is also a throwback to a chart that Apple showed back then. Apple had two lineups: consumer and pro. Each of those had one desktop and one portable product. Under the consumer side was the iMac and the iBook; both of those were colorful. The more subtle-looking products fell under the Pro category.


As for what these products will actually look like, that’s anyone’s guess. You might recall that while Prosser was the first to talk about the iMac coming in different colors, the colors presented at the time were not what ended up being announced. The original image showed subtle colors like we see from the iPad Air. The final result was bolder colors.

It’s also possible that the MacBook Air could get a full redesign along with its new colors. When Apple swapped out an Intel processor for its custom M1 chip, it didn’t change the chassis. It’s entirely possible that Apple could redesign the chassis to take advantage of the benefits of an ARM chipset.

Whatever happens, all that’s really rumored right now from the report is that the next MacBook Air will come in more colors. We still don’t know what those colors will be – if they look like the iMac or the iPad Air – or if there will be any other design changes. We’ll just have to wait for Apple to tell us.

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