Archos Multimedia Apps Ported to All 4.0+ Devices

Archos Multimedia Apps Ported to All 4.0+ Devices

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Due to the relatively open nature of Android, it’s almost a given that there are dozens of ways of accomplishing practically any task. Most of these solutions come in the form of aftermarket applications available on the Google Play Store, but there are also great OEM-provided applications that appear once in a while.

While Archos devices haven’t exactly seen the same knid of commercial success experienced by other OEMs like Samsung, there are quite a few goodies that come preloaded on their devices. Some of their first party apps, particularly their media player and file manager, are quite good. Luckily, XDA Forum Member tablet-guy was able to port several Archos apps for users of all Android devices to enjoy.

There are currently six ported apps available to use: Archos Music, Files, Video, Game Zone, Kids Zone, and Share. Unfortunately, Game Zone doesn’t appear to be working consistently for everyone, but the media playback and file manager apps (likely the most relevant to most users anyway) seem to work like a charm.

If you want to give your device a little bit of a different feel, make your way over to the ported applications thread to give these apps a try.