Arris Brings Android TV to 3 New UHD HDR Set-Top Boxes

Arris Brings Android TV to 3 New UHD HDR Set-Top Boxes

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We don’t generally read too much new information about Android TV these days. The operating system is being embedded in a number of new smart TVs all the time though, it’s just that there hasn’t been much innovation made in the field. This may change soon with three new products and a new professional service from Arris. The company will be at IBC 2017 this week to show off three new UHD HDR set-top boxes that have Android TV built into them.

If you own a cable box or even a cable modem in your home in the United States then the chance that it was made by Arris is pretty high. They have contracts with companies such as Comcast to supply the devices that most people in America lease for a few bucks a month. They also sell their own cable boxes and cable modems that you can buy, so you don’t have to lease them from your cable provider too. The company is now getting ready to release three new set-top boxes with UHD, HDR, DVR, and Android TV support.

The three new products are part of a tiered system so the consumer has choice in which features they want. They’ll be able to support cable, telecommunication services, satellite, and terrestrial operators with choices including WiFi connectivity, DVR options, integration with DVB networks, conditional access, and some DRM security options. Specific details have yet to be revealed but we’ll learn more about them once they are shown to the public at IBC 2017.

Three new set-top boxes aren’t the only things that Arris has to announce, though. The company has also put together a professional service to help operators integrate and launch Android TV services. These services include assessing and planning for Android TV services, customization, integration, operator-specific launchers and apps, content security, and backend systems. They’ll also take care of validation and certification (with Google and other 3rd-party applications), deployment support across new and legacy set-top boxes, and lifecycle management as well.

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