ASUS will reportedly no longer make ZenPad tablets

ASUS will reportedly no longer make ZenPad tablets

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The tablet market sees domination from Apple’s iPad lineup, and to an extent, from Samsung’s and Huawei’s tablet lineup. Outside of these two, most OEMs have either withdrawn themselves from the market, or are sticking around despite poor sales. Now, a new report mentions that Asus will no longer make ZenPad tablets, meaning that the OEM has left the market.

According to a report from, Asus has informed its distribution channels that it will not launch any new tablet in the market. There shall be no further models or even production runs for existing models. Customers still hoping to get a ZenPad tablet have time till stocks last, but seeing how the decision comes out of declining demand for tablets, there won’t be too many people left disappointed without a product. Stocks of the Asus ZenPad 8.0 Z380KL, Asus’s last tablet, have already ran out at several places and shall not be replenished.

Asus will now concentrate on existing ZenFone smartphones as well as ROG Phone lineup, which is a smarter decision as larger screen smartphones have eliminated the need and use-cases for tablets. Android has also not received any tablet-oriented functionalities in a long time, which gave even fewer reasons for customers to buy them. With rising interest in foldable smartphones, there remained little hope for tablets to make a comeback in the future.

We reached out to Asus for a comment confirming or declining its exit from the tablet market, but received no response even after 48 hours.