ASUS registers a new 15W wireless charger with the Wireless Power Consortium

ASUS registers a new 15W wireless charger with the Wireless Power Consortium

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Even though wireless charging in smartphones has been around for a while now, the technology hasn’t really picked up. Slow charging speeds, coupled with heating issues and the lack of good fast wireless chargers, have resulted in a poor adoption rate. As a result, wireless charging is still sort of a novelty feature that you’ll only find in top-tier devices. However, companies have now started coming out with fast wireless charging tech which is expected to increase adoption. For instance, Xiaomi’s upcoming Mi 9 Pro 5G is slated to feature support for 30-watt fast wireless charging which will surely have a significant impact. Earlier this year, we also saw an FCC filing which revealed that Samsung was testing its own 15-watt wireless charger and now it seems like Asus is also ready to join the ranks with its own fast wireless charger.

Even though Asus doesn’t include wireless charging support on its flagship ZenFone 6 or the gamer-centric ROG Phone 2, the company has recently registered a 15-watt wireless charger with the Wireless Power Consortium. As per the listing, the new circular wireless charger (model no. W1G-AWPM) has a fairly minimal design with a white base and three color options for the top surface – white, pink and blue. From the looks of it, the charger also seems to have an LED indicator on the side, however, we can’t be sure of it until Asus releases more images.

The listing also reveals that the upcoming wireless charger is registered under version 1.2.4 of the Qi specification which is limited to members of the consortium. This specification means that the charger supports fast charging up 15-watts, features a better thermal test for transmitters, has improved timing requirements, and offers increased sensitivity for Foreign Object Detection (FOD). The charger also includes Samsung’s proprietary power deliver extension, which means that it should work on Samsung devices with wireless charging support. As of now, there’s no word from Asus regarding the upcoming wireless charger. We have no information on the pricing and availability, but we expect to learn more as its launch draws closer.

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