ASUS ROG Phone 3’s second closed Android 11 beta fixes many annoying bugs

ASUS ROG Phone 3’s second closed Android 11 beta fixes many annoying bugs

Last month, ASUS released the first Android 11 closed beta for the ROG Phone 3, allowing select users to try out the new software and help weed out the critical bugs. The company is now following up with the second installment that fixes many of the bugs and issues reported by the early adopters.

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Software version 18.0410.2102.96 is rolling out now for ASUS ROG Phone 3 users in the closed beta program. There are no new features to be found as this is mostly a bug-fixing update. Notably, the update addresses issues reported with some of the first-party accessories, Call of Duty: Mobile not connecting over WiFi, ViLTE video calls being handed over to voice calls on mobile data, display unable to maintain 144Hz refresh rate at low brightness, and so on.


Android 11 closed beta 2 changelog screenshot for ASUS ROG Phone 3

Here’s the changelog from Beta 1 to Beta 2:

  • Fix the lighting of earphone is not synced with DUT with connecting ROG Cetra RGB headset
  • Fix OOBE stuck in “Saving audio is your choice” and is note response even click “Next” at right botton corner.
  • Fix Call of Duty: mobile doesn’t seem to connect to the internet just over WiFi.
  • Fix ViLTE video call handovers to voice call when wifi is off.
  • Fix device flickers while clicked on Camera settings when Launched the Camera from the lock screen.
  • Fix CS Call double talk issue.
  • Fix when Dual-band Wi-Fi enabled, the right icon of signal bar error.
  • Fix Frame rate drops from 144 to 60 on low brightness

The new update is rolling out to the ROG Phone 3 users running the first Android 11 beta. Since this is a closed beta program, it’s not available for everyone to try out. There’s no official word yet on a public beta, let alone a stable release. But with the current closed beta moving at a swift pace, it shouldn’t take long for ASUS to open up the latest software to more users. If you can’t wait, you can always update your device unofficially via an Android 11 custom ROM.

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