ASUS ROG Phone update brings Google ARCore support before launch

ASUS ROG Phone update brings Google ARCore support before launch

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The gaming phone market is quite small but it’s one of those nitches that could easily catch on if given the proper attention. Xiaomi has the Black Shark gaming phone and the Razer Phone 2 with its 120Hz display was just announced as well. There has been some news about both of these companies releasing successors to these devices but ASUS and its ROG Phone has been in the works for a while. It was officially announced back in June of this year and since then we haven’t really heard much about it other the specs. However, ASUS is ramping things up and has just announced a software update that will be ready for the device at launch with, among other things, ARCore support.

The hype around the ASUS ROG Phone was so high when it was announced that we were quick to open up the official XDA forums for the device. Again, not much news has come out since it was announced but there has been some activity surrounding the device this month. Last week, those who were interested in the camera application for the ROG Phone (known as the ASUS PixelMaster) could download its port and try it out on their Android 7.1+ smartphone.

Asus ROG Phone

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Then, a few days ago we learned that the ASUS ROG Phone was getting ready to launch on October 18th and that it would be coming with a slew of (quite pricey) accessories for those who wanted in on the gaming smartphone ecosystem. ASUS has been in the PC industry for a long, long time and they are doing what they can to bridge the gap between gaming phones and gaming computers. Earlier today the company announced a new software update for the phone that hasn’t been released yet that comes with the firmware version 15.1616.1808.23.

Among support for Google’s ARCore feature, the changelog also notes that this update also improves the users’ experiences of ACCY and its air trigger feature. The update is for model ZS600KL, which is indeed the unreleased ROG Phone. It’s nice to see ASUS prepping for launch by adding features.

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