ASUS starts recruiting beta testers for the ZenFone 7’s Android 11 update

ASUS starts recruiting beta testers for the ZenFone 7’s Android 11 update

Last week, ASUS started rolling out a closed beta build of Android 11 to the ZenFone 6, making it the first ASUS smartphone to get a taste of Android 11. The choice of the device, however, is a bit awkward due to the fact that the ZenFone 7 lineup is the latest mainstream flagship offering from the Taiwanese OEM. No need to worry, though, as ASUS has now announced a public beta testing program for the Android 11 update on the ZenFone 7 series and is seeking early testers for the update.

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According to a recent thread on the ZenTalk Community, ASUS has opened applications for the Android 11 testers for both the regular ZenFone 7 (model number ZS670KS) and its “Pro” variant (model number ZS671KS). Users who are interested in taking part in the beta test can apply for the pre-release FOTA by heading to the “System update” section on their device and tapping on the “Enroll in the Beta Test Program” option. Note that you need to have the latest stable channel build of Android 10 (software version installed on your phone, otherwise you can’t find the enrollment link inside settings.


The recruitment period is open till October 5. Talking about selection criteria, you have to be an active member of the ZenTalk forums. Moreover, the bootloader of your ZenFone 7 should be locked. Selected beta testers will be given access to a restricted forum to post regular feedback about bugs.

Since the upcoming beta build is not meant for regular use, there will likely be a number of unfinished features and other issues in the software that needs to be worked out. Waiting for the stable release is highly recommended if you value stability over bleeding-edge development. ASUS hasn’t revealed when it plans to roll out the stable version of Android 11 to the ZenFone 7. But given that beta recruitment is already underway, users won’t have to wait too long.

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