Kernel sources are now available for the latest phones from ASUS, POCO, Sony, and more

Kernel sources are now available for the latest phones from ASUS, POCO, Sony, and more

There is an abundance of options in the Android smartphone market. Along with that, there are countless options to customize and modify your phone beyond the options offered by OEMs, thanks to the devoted developers who make XDA such a unique community. One of the prerequisites for these custom modifications is the availability of kernel sources for each phone and many companies update them routinely. The kernel source of ASUS ZenFone 8, POCO X3 Pro, Sony Xperia Pro, and some Realme phones recently uploaded online.

ASUS ZenFone 8 Forums || ASUS ZenFone 8 Review

The ZenFone 8 is ASUS’s latest flagship. Opposite to the general trend of consistently mushrooming smartphones, the ASUS chooses a lightweight design and smaller footprint for the ZenFone 8 with a 5.9″ display. Despite the smaller size, the phone is big on power and runs on the Snapdragon 888 SoC with up to 16GB of RAM. The phone runs on near-stock Android UI but, the kernel sources and wide support from the XDA Developers community should help you improve that experience.


Download ASUS ZenFone 8 kernel sources

POCO X3 Pro Forums || POCO X3 Pro Review

POCO X3 Pro is one of the latest flagship killers from the Xiaomi spin-off. POCO enjoys a great affinity from the developers’ community and the super attractive pricing of the Snapdragon 860-powered POCO X3 Pro makes it an exciting choice for anyone who wants to make the best bang for their buck.

Download POCO X3 Pro kernel sources

 Sony Xperia PRO Forums

Sony’s Xperia PRO is a $2499 smartphone designed especially for photographers and videographers. It features a mini HDMI port and a 4K AMOLED display which can double as a viewfinder for professional cameras. The phone may cater to a specific niche but it does not limit users from expanding horizons by modding it beyond what Sony offers.

Download Sony Xperia PRO kernel sources

Realme, well-known for its high value for money, recently updated the kernel sources for a bunch of devices. These include the Realme C11/C12/C15, Realme 6, Realme C3/6i, Realme Narzo 10/10A, and Realme Narzo 20. All of these sources are based on recent builds based on Android 10 but you can expect them to be updated following the Android 11 update.

Download Realme kernel sources

Android uses the Linux kernel at its core, and OEMs delving into Android development are obliged under the GPL to share their contributions to Android publicly to help the ecosystem grow as a whole. Kernel sources are vital in this case and most Android manufacturers routinely share the source code along with their customizations.

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