ASUS ZenFone AR is a New Project Tango and Daydream-Ready Phone Running on a Snapdragon 821

ASUS ZenFone AR is a New Project Tango and Daydream-Ready Phone Running on a Snapdragon 821

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While much of CES hasn’t formally kicked off yet, we are seeing a bunch of new leaks and details emerging in preparation for one of the world’s most renowned consumer electronics shows. We expect a lot of mobile technology announcements to arrive, but now we are hearing early details of what looks to be an ambitious new smartphone by ASUS.

The ZenFone AR is a Snapdragon 821-powered smartphone being announced by ASUS at CES, presumably on January 4th during the company’s Press Event. We know this due to an accidental early post made on Qualcomm’s website (it has since been taken down, but you can find an archive here) as well as images by @evleaks. The blog post gave us very few details regarding the ZenFone AR’s specs, but we know that it’ll be packing a Snapdragon 821 and that it earned its “AR” moniker by being the second Project Tango-enabled consumer product. Unlike the Lenovo PHAB2 Pro from June, however, this marks the first Tango device running a flagship processor. All of the Tango-related processing is done on this chipset, taking advantage of the Adreno 530 GPU, fast sensor processing and sensor data time stamping, and leveraging the Hexagon 680 DSP as well as the All-Ways-Aware sensor hub.

If Project Tango isn’t exciting enough, it’s also worth noting that this will be the world’s first Tango-enabled phone that’s also Daydream-ready, meaning the ZenFone AR can be a great VR smartphone as well. This makes the phone a powerhouse for people looking to get into these emerging technologies, and it has support for all of Google’s VR apps as well as third party VR services like Netflix and Hulu. Other than these details, we don’t know much else about the ZenFone AR yet — we presume it’ll have a 1440p panel to match the premium processing package and make the best of its AR and VR capabilities, but in order to know the full specification sheet and price we’ll have to wait for a proper announcement or more leaks.

We’ll keep you updated on the ZenFone AR as more details emerge. Stay tuned for more coverage of all things CES 2017 including original and on-ground coverage !

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