AT Player Plays Music Directly From YouTube

AT Player Plays Music Directly From YouTube

If you’re someone who uses Youtube, Dropbox, or Soundcloud to store or listen to your music files, you might be interested in AT Player’s newest features. We’ve covered AT Player in the past, but recently they’ve brought some new functionality to their popular music player app. AT Player has been one of the more popular music players from the Google Play store. One of its standout features is being able to play music from YouTube. You can even import entire playlists that you’ve created on YouTube, directly to the app.

With the ability to play music from YouTube, Dropbox, and Soundcloud, you can play millions of different tracks for free. You can also directly download over 5,000,000 songs and podcasts through the app.

AT Player with Dropbox Compatibility

There are a bunch of other features in AT player as well. The app aims to be the ultimate solution for anyone who listens to music from a bunch of different sources. I have music on Dropbox, YouTube, my local storage, online radio stations and more. I can use AT player to put all my music in one spot, and even create playlists with music from different sources. Some of the other new features include the improved song recognition, redesigned homescreen, a new share feature, and the ability to cast your music to smart TVs.

Offline and Online Modes

The app provides access to millions of music tracks from YouTube and provides a special player lock screen which saves power and prevents accidentals taps. While YouTube does not allow you to continue music video playback while the screen is off, AT Player has three solutions for this: YouTube music will still play while the lock screen is visible; AT Player’s radio works when the screen is off; and you can still listen to local music, which of course also functions with no Internet connection. There’s a five band equalizer with bass boost and reverb, which lets you tweak the sound of your music.

AT Player Homescreen

AT Player is a much better alternative for music listening vs. the default YouTube, Soundcould, or Dropbox app. Try it out by downloading the app for free from the Play store.

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