AT Player Updated with Direct Download

AT Player Updated with Direct Download

AT Player is a media player that combines music from free sources such as YouTube and radio into a beautiful UI ideal for music lovers who want both online and offline listening. The app is designed for people who don’t want to pay for a streaming music subscription but still want convenient access to their favorite artists. Specifically, it is the best app we’ve found for (almost) screen-off listening to music on YouTube.

A few weeks ago we made a video to show-off the app and partnered with AT Player to offer 100 codes for a lifetime ad-free experience. While the contest is now over, the video is still worth watching. You can also read our full review of AT Player.



Direct Download Update

AT Player has recently received a big update that includes direct download of free music licensed under creative commons. Now in addition to all of the music you can stream from the many sources in AT Player, you can also download some songs directly to your phone. While the feature is still nascent, there is some interesting content available, and the developers tell us that much more creative commons music is coming soon.

Giveaway Results

In our previous article, we announced a giveaway of 100 ad-free codes for AT Player. The winners have been picked and the codes have been sent out. Thanks to all who participated!

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