Browse the Internet with the Innovative Atlas Web Browser

Browse the Internet with the Innovative Atlas Web Browser

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For the most part, Chrome, Firefox, and Dolphin Browser have no real rivals among the popular Android Web browsers. But from time to time, a new browser pops up and creates quite a fuss because it’s innovative and fresh features that offer something that the three kings don’t.

Not too long ago, we talked about Pale Moon Browser finding its way to Android. Now, the stage of browsers has gained one more player. XDA Senior Member tliebeck created a browser with tons of new features. Atlas Browser is absolutely ad-free, and it also incorporates an ad-blocker and has lots of privacy-related options. But that’s not the most interesting feature this browser has to offer.

With Atlas, you can browse two pages at the same time, with zooming and other navigation options, so it’s really neat for work and fun. Moreover, this app can save settings for every individual page. You can choose if you prefer to view it in mobile or desktop mode. Everything is just a few clicks away. Navigation is very easy. Swiping from the left side of the screen towards the center opens the window manager, while swiping from right opens a control panel for the current site where all the magic happens.

Using Atlas Web Browser is pure pleasure. The browser is currently in beta stage and all premium features are unlocked. This small project is a great alternative to Chrome and its buddies.

If you are looking for the new Web experience, Atlas Web Browser is just one click away. Find your way to the Atlas Web Browser application thread to get the latest version of this app and share your thoughts in the comment section below.