[Update: Available today] AT&T launches its 5G network next month with the Galaxy Note 10+ 5G

[Update: Available today] AT&T launches its 5G network next month with the Galaxy Note 10+ 5G

Update (12/13/19 @ 12:25 ET): AT&T’s 5G network is now live and the Galaxy Note 10+ 5G is shipping.

The race for rolling out 5G is now in full steam, but AT&T got in a bit of a controversy for, well, trying to cheat. The carrier launched what they called their “5GE” network, which is essentially just rebranded 4G LTE and not 5G at all. This, evidently, misled a number of users into thinking they actually had 5G on their phones when they actually didn’t. Nonetheless, AT&T is planning to roll out a real 5G network and this roll-out is set to happen as soon as next month.


The flagship phone that is set to carry AT&T’s 5G torch? The Galaxy Note 10+ 5G. The carrier will begin selling the 5G-enabled device for a $1,300 price tag next month. The device will work with the company’s 5G network, which will initially be offered in 5 US cities: Indianapolis, Pittsburgh, Providence, Rochester, and San Diego. The service will then be rolled out to 10 other cities “soon after” according to AT&T, while nation-wide coverage is set to come during the first half of 2020.

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We should keep in mind, though, that this rollout will not include mmWave 5G connections, but rather “low-band” LTE, with speeds expected to be comparable to LTE Advanced. mmWave 5G, which AT&T brands as “5G+”, is already available in parts of 21 US cities, with planned expansions for 2020.

Unlike the differences found between the Galaxy S10 5G and the Galaxy S10+, which included a quad rear camera and a 3D face recognition system, the Galaxy Note 10+ 5G is mostly identical to the regular Galaxy Note 10+ with the only differences being that the former supports 5G while the latter doesn’t. So if you like the Galaxy Note 10+, your experience will be completely identical for the 5G-enabled model.

Are you looking forward to 5G service on AT&T?

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Update: Available today

AT&T didn’t share specific launch dates last month, but now we know the Galaxy Note 10+ 5G is available today. The company’s 5G network is now live in 10 markets (Birmingham, Ala., Indianapolis, Los Angeles, Milwaukee, Pittsburgh, Providence, R.I., Rochester, N.Y., San Diego, San Francisco and San Jose, Calif.) and the Note 10+ 5G, which went up for pre-order a couple of weeks ago, is now shipping. The device is available in stores today for an outright price of $1,300 or $350 with AT&T Next or $43.34 per month with financing.

Source: AT&T | Via: Android Police

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