AT&T is dropping Spotify from its plans, killing WatchTV

AT&T is dropping Spotify from its plans, killing WatchTV

AT&T has shared via text today that it is dropping Spotify from its “Unlimited &More Premium” plan as well as finally killing off their WatchTV service.

Reports began showing up on Twitter and Reddit saying that texts were sent out about the shutdowns.

AT&T has offered a choice of premium services as free perks for customers of its “Unlimited &More Premium” plan since 2018. It appears they have now decided to drop Spotify from the list of available entertainment options. Existing users that chose the Spotify perk will have their subscription end on November 6th. AT&T suggests these users switch their perk to free HBO Max.


They’ve also shared a shutdown date of November 30th for their WatchTV service. WatchTV was a streaming tv service launched by AT&T at the same time as their Unlimited &More plans in 2018. It was offered for free to customers who signed up for one of those two new plans at the time. WatchTV stopped accepting new subscribers over a year ago, so the shutdown was inevitable.

A user on Reddit has shared the text they received from AT&T about the shutdowns:

“Hi, it’s AT&T. WatchTV will be going away on Nov 30 along with your paid Spotify subscription on Nov 6. You can contact Spotify directly to sign up to continue service. The good news is we’ve got you covered with HBO Max at no additional charge. To sign up and start streaming HBO Max, visit for more information and options regarding your account.”

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