AT&T Galaxy S2 Tool Helps Flashers Add Scripts and Mods to ROM

AT&T Galaxy S2 Tool Helps Flashers Add Scripts and Mods to ROM

For those who frequent XDA, the term flashaholic is likely well known. A flashaholic is an individual who exhibits a noticeable addition to flashing ROMs. They will flash every ROM, stable or not, just to see what it is, how it works and whether or not it’s better than their favorite ROM.

So, what happens when they find a ROM they like? They add tweaks and mods to it to make it even better. Sadly, as soon as they flash a new ROM, all those tweaks and mods are gone. This is the problem that XDA Senior Member ktoonsez is fixing with a tool for the AT&T Samsung Galaxy S II. It is called Flash-aholicsTool.

Flash-aholicsTool is a Windows based tool that allows users to apply their favorite tweaks and mods, namely init.d scripts and build.prop tweaks to any Gingerbread ROM they want to flash. This essentially allows them to flash any Gingerbread ROM without having to re-apply all their favorite mods.

The process is also pretty simple. Once the mod is given to the program, a user simply needs to check a box and hit the Build ROM button and the program will automatically add each tweak in, re-zip the ROM and make it ready to be flashed.

For those carrying the AT&T Galaxy S II and want the Flash-aholicsTool, you can check it out in the original thread where you’ll find download links, instructions of use and even some troubleshooting tools in case something goes wrong. As usual, make a backup before flashing anything. It’ll save you some trouble if something messes up.

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