AT&T (and Others) Galaxy S7 has Finally been Rooted

AT&T (and Others) Galaxy S7 has Finally been Rooted

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Part of the struggle for our readers looking to purchase the latest and greatest flagship device from certain American carriers is the fact that these devices are heavily locked down.

Ad-blockers, custom themes, Xposed modules, and other root-only features are generally out of reach for most phones bought on AT&T or Verizon. Sure, these days there are many non-root alternatives to a lot of the functionality provided by root-only apps but often the solution isn’t nearly as elegant (see: all of the attempts at jerry-rigging root features with Tasker).

Fortunately, with a strong, dedicated developer community backing the effort to crack these devices and return control to the user, we’ve seen successful attempts at acquiring root access or even occasionally unlocking bootloaders, even if it does take a few months. And to continue the trend of cracking locked-down, carrier-branded Samsung devices, XDA Senior Member br3w3r presents instructions on how to replicate the first successful attempt at achieving root access on the AT&T Samsung Galaxy S7 (G934A).

The work is the culmination of a collaborative effort including XDA Junior Member princecomsy, and also made possible thanks to XDA Senior Recognized Developer Chainfire. Do note that the method used to acquire root access here is not a simple one-step solution, as it requires you to first flash a special engineering bootloader by using a modified version of Samsung’s ODIN (provided by princecomsy) that skips the SHA-256 cryptographic hash check. One you’ve accomplished that, you can flash a special version of SuperSu built for the device via adb. More detailed instructions and download links can be found in the original forum link here. Finally, we’ve seen reports of users saying that this method works on other carrier variants. Happy flashing!

Source: XDA AT&T Galaxy S7 Forum