AT&T Hints At Galaxy S6 Active In Tweet

AT&T Hints At Galaxy S6 Active In Tweet

AT&T tweets an entertaining line and image today from their mobile account. It was last year during this time that they released the AT&T exclusive Samsung Galaxy S5 Active. Are we seeing a hint towards the release of the Galaxy S6 Active? Learn more about our newest Samsung Galaxy variant after the break.


Screen Shot 2015-06-05 at 8.01.01 PMLast year during the early summer months, June 12 to be precise, AT&T launched their exclusive ruggedized Galaxy S5 variant. With a tougher build, stronger bezel, and what appeared to be a thicker version of Gorilla Glass’s reputable panels, the S5 Active really stood out from the crowd. The phone’s rubberized utilitarian design and strong internal performance output made it a front runner for one our most sought after Android devices of its time.

It’s almost mid-June again, and of course Samsung is going to release another Active version of its Galaxy line of devices. The tweet in question from AT&T is as follows.

“Only one thing is missing from your workout. It’s almost time to activate your full power.”

The text was accompanied by the Getty image above depicting an active individual holding a mysterious device. If AT&T were to release a new version of its Galaxy tank it would be this month, it’s just in time for summer fun. The numbers predict higher sales during the summer months of devices, or any object for that matter, branded as athletically-minded.


The popular image of the S6 Active for AT&T can be seen here to the right. It’s what you’d expect it to be, a rugged S6 running Samsung’s very classy front-end to Lollipop, TouchWiz.

All of the S6 Active statistics are expected to remain the same as the standard S6. Let us know what you think of this news in the comments below. Are you tired of hearing about this phone yet? Me too, I wish it would just be mid-month today.



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