AT&T Issues a No Prompt LG G4 Update

AT&T Issues a No Prompt LG G4 Update

Several AT&T LG G4 users are reporting that AT&T pushed an update out to their devices. Users are claiming there was no prompt, confirmation window, or change log. The device simply updated and restarted on its own. The ability for AT&T to push an update to users devices with no interaction required is certainly cause for concern. A software update causing problems or bricking devices is not unheard of. Additionally, there’s the possibility of a user being on a phone call or in a situation where they need their phone to continue functioning.

AT&T’s update page only mentions one change: “AT&T Address Book enhancements.”

The page also seems to imply that this truly is an automatic update with instructions showing no need for user interaction:

How to update

  1. Notification – AT&T software update.
  2. Your phone will start downloading the software update.
  3. The phone will automatically restart once the new software has successfully downloaded.
  4. Tap OK.

AT&T responded for comment with:

Thanks for checking.
Yes, I can confirm that it’s an AT&T push to update the address book. I am not quite sure yet as it wasn’t communicated in advance


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