AT&T Replaces GoPhone with AT&T Prepaid, Offers 2 Months of Free Service Deal

AT&T Replaces GoPhone with AT&T Prepaid, Offers 2 Months of Free Service Deal

Prepaid phone plans are a dime-a-dozen nowadays, and AT&T is breathing some new life into its own pre-paid option with a fairly attractive deal to hopefully net a few more customers.

What was formerly known as AT&T GoPhone is being rebranded to AT&T Prepaid. A simple name change isn’t the only shakeup, but the Prepaid moniker is easier to understand than the somewhat-obscure GoPhone title.

There are a number of new plans to choose from with AT&T Prepaid, but the ones that most people will likely go for are the $65/month and $45/month options:

  • $65/month Unlimited Plan: “Unlimited” talk, text, and data. Data speeds are limited to around 3Mbs, and after you use 22GB of data, speeds may be slowed. Video streaming is also capped to a resolution of 480p Standard Definition. Also worth noting is that there’s no mobile hotspot support.
  • $45/month Plan: Unlimited talk, text, and 6GB of high-speed data. Once your 6GB allotment has been used, speeds will slow down to 128Kbps until your next billing cycle.

Turning AutoPay on will knock these prices down to just $60/month and $40/month respectively, and for a limited time, AT&T will give you two free months of service for your 3rd and 12th month as long as you remain a customer for at least a year.

AT&T Prepaid isn’t the most impressive prepaid plan we’ve ever seen, but it’s not a bad offer either. Scoring 2 free months of service is definitely a nice promo that might be reason enough to make the switch from another prepaid provider, but seeing that there’s no set date as to when this deal will be over, you’ll want to act swiftly if you’re eager to take advantage of it.

For even more information on AT&T Prepaid, check out AT&T’s official press release blow.

Source: AT&T

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