AT&T Reportedly Calls Off Deal with Huawei to Sell Phones in the US

AT&T Reportedly Calls Off Deal with Huawei to Sell Phones in the US

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Huawei, the third-largest phone manufacturer on the planet, has been trying for years to break into the US smartphone industry, but it hasn’t been easy — Apple and Samsung dominate the market with an estimated 70% combined share. The China-based company was said to be in talks to sell its latest flagship, the Mate 10, through AT&T, the country’s largest GSM carrier, but AT&T stepped back from the deal at the last second.

Huawei and AT&T’s partnership was reportedly going to be announced Tuesday during the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show, according to CNBC and The Wall Street Journal, and the carrier’s reasons for calling it off remain a mystery. Had it gone through, it would’ve marked Huawei’s first carrier partnership in the US and could’ve given the company’s smartphone lineup a major boost in visibility.

The breakdown of the deal means that the smartphone maker’s formal entrance into the US market — which was set for January — will likely be delayed indefinitely. It’s unclear if Huawei will sell the Mate 10 unlocked online in the US, or whether it’ll enter talks with another US carrier.

Neither Huawei or AT&T have commented on the reports, but we’ll update this post with new details as they come.

Source: Wall Street Journal Via: CNBC