AT&T upgrades its Unlimited Elite plan to compete with T-Mobile

AT&T upgrades its Unlimited Elite plan to compete with T-Mobile

In February this year, T-Mobile announced a new Magenta MAX plan that offered subscribers truly unlimited data on its 4G and 5G networks with no throttling whatsoever. AT&T is now following suit with an upgrade for its existing Unlimited Elite plan.

Previously, AT&T used to throttle speeds on the Unlimited Elite plan after customers used 100GB of data each month. But starting this week, AT&T is removing this limit from the plan. In a recent blog post, the company wrote:

“Customers love Unlimited Elite, so we’re making our best wireless plan even better. Starting this week, your unlimited high-speed data can’t slow down based on how much you use. But we’re not stopping there in giving our customers more. With many continuing to connect remotely, we’re also increasing the mobile hotspot data allowance, and upping the video resolution to 4K Ultra High Definition. And we’re automatically adding it all at no cost to you.”


AT&T will start upgrading the plan for all Unlimited Elite subscribers starting this week. If you’re subscribed to the plan, you will receive a text highlighting all the new benefits as soon as the upgrade rolls out to you. As mentioned earlier, AT&T won’t charge anything extra for the upgrade and you’ll get these additional benefits at the current $85/month fee.

Since both T-Mobile and AT&T now offer truly unlimited data plans, Verizon is the only major carrier that doesn’t offer a consumer plan without any throttling. Its Get More Unlimited plan offers a monthly allowance of just 50GB 4G LTE/5G data and throttles the speed when you cross that limit.

You can learn more about AT&T’s Unlimited Elite plan by following this link.

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