Aukey’s early Black Friday deals has you saving big on chargers, keyboards, and more

Aukey’s early Black Friday deals has you saving big on chargers, keyboards, and more

Aukey may be one of my favorite budget brands. I’m always pleased with whatever I get from them, and a lot of my tech accessories happen to be from them! From battery packs to earbuds to keyboards, everything I have from them is of great quality, and they have the nice side effect of not emptying my bank account, unlike other brands.

There is another thing that’s pretty great about Aukey, too–their items tend to be on sale. A lot. If you see an Aukey item you want to pick up, if it’s not already on sale, it’ll be on sale soon. Right now, Aukey has started their early Black Friday deals, and by clipping a few coupons and entering some codes, you can save big on all sorts of items!

First up, Aukey’s 10,000 mAh portable charger. This isn’t my most recommended portable charger, but it’s pretty great regardless. This charger can charge low-current devices easily and is small and easy to slip in a bag. By clipping the $5 coupon and using the code WZX7G3LT, you’ll get this for just $15.

    Aukey 10,000mAh Portable Charger
    Charge your smartphones easily with this compact 10,000mAh charger! Clip the coupon and use the code WZX7G3LT for the maximum discount.

Need to be able to charge your phone in your car? The Aukey Black Friday deals include this compact car charger! Designed to fit in your cigarette lighter port (who smokes in their car nowadays anyway), this little charger will always be there when you need it. Clip the 10% off coupon and use code 7XB6XNH7 to get this item for $14.

    Aukey Car Charger
    It should be easy to charge your phone in your car. With this compact Aukey car charger, you'll never need to worry about that battery running low again! Clip the coupon on the store page and apply code 7XB6XNH7 at checkout to get the best discount.

Maybe you’re in the market for a new keyboard instead? The Aukey Sakura Pink keyboard is also on sale! I’ve tried their black keyboard in the past, and it’s a great beginner’s mechanical keyboard. You can get all the clickiness and tactile feel without having to pay over S100! Right now, use the code XW3AK636 to get this pretty pink keyboard for just $40.

    Aukey Mechanical Keyboard (Sakura Pink)
    Pink accessories are always awesome, but they're even better when they don't cost a lot! Grab this Sakura Pink keyboard for just $40 by using the code XW3AK636 at checkout.

If you’re grabbing a new keyboard, you might as well get an oversized mousepad, while you’re at it. A big mousepad can stop your keyboard from sliding around your desk, and the RGB flair can add another lighting touch to your setup. As part of the Aukey Black Friday early sale, using the code 66CSOJOE will let you get this 31-inch mousepad for $17.

    Aukey RGB Mousepad (31-inch)
    Light up your mousepad with this 31-inch mousepad from Aukey! Use the code 66CSOJOE at checkout for the maximum discount.

These deals will be live until November 14th, but some of these items may sell out before then. Don’t wait too long on something you want!

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