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Anoop Pakki

A Computer Science graduate with a keen interest in Android, and Cyber security.

Samsung makes it easier to share files using Private Share

The Galaxy ecosystem enables an easier and more comfortable workflow with Galaxy devices with features including Buds Auto Switch, App Continuity, Keyboard share, and many more. One such feature is Private Share, which is available on both the Samsung Galaxy store and Google Play Store. With the latest update (version, Samsung has introduced new...

Chromebooks may soon have better apps thanks to desktop AVD in Android Studio

Since the announcement of ChromeOS in 2011, Google has routinely updated ChromeOS with thoughtful changes. The company officially announced the Google Play Store for ChromeOS in 2016, followed by support for Linux apps in 2018. In 2020, it then announced -- a site that aims to help developers build applications for ChromeOS.  Since its...