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He is currently a graduate student studying earthquake seismology, but has always had a keen interest in all things related to science, technology, and gadgets. His first smartphone was a Samsung Galaxy Nexus, and he has had an interest in all things Android ever since.

Bright Flexile Future: How P-OLED and Other Display Technologies Work

In late 2013, LG announced that it had created new "plastic OLED," or "POLED," displays. Since then, details on the performance of the new displays have been rather thin, but LG sings their praise every time they release a new product that includes them (e.g., G Flex, G Flex2, LG Watch R, & LG Watch...

Hello Moto, What Are You Doing? – An Opinion on Motorola’s Transformations

Let's talk, for a minute, about Motorola. Moto's had its ups and downs. In fact, the farther back you go in its history, the more a trend of booms and busts emerges. From the RAZR to the original Droid to the Moto X, Motorola seems to have a penchant for releasing brilliant, mass-market products—premium enough...

The Age of Compromises: A Data-Driven Look at the End of Annual Flagships

Most of us here are Android power users and enthusiasts. We take for granted that smartphones will get better and better every year—we demand ever more from smartphone OEMs, and we get upset when we don't see enough improvement on the latest flagship year-over-year. But the past year in the industry has been disappointing for...

How and Why Force Touch Can Revolutionize Smartphone Interfaces

Most of us have probably heard about Apple's "Force Touch" and "Taptic Engine"—both a software gesture and a technology—proudly featured on new MacBooks and Apple Watches and vaunted by Apple as "the most significant new sensing capability since multi-touch." However, since this is primarily a website for Android (and Windows Phone) enthusiasts, Force Touch remains...

Galaxy S6 & Edge get €100 Price Cut—New Models Incoming

Samsung has dropped the price of both the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge by €100, making the current retail price of these phones €599 and €699, respectively. Though no new prices have been announced stateside, a cut is expected soon.

T-Mobile Brings Messenger-Like Features to SMS

T-Mobile has announced that it's switching on a new messaging technology called, "Advanced Messaging." Built on the international GSM Association's Rich Communication Services (RCS) standard, T-Mobile promises to do to text messaging what VoLTE has done to voice calling—essentially, bring it into the modern age.   When most of us think of standard SMS messaging, we think: Slow Unreliable Finicky Basic Featureless Limited ...and...

Easy Fix for CPU Throttling?

Much has been said about the overheating and subsequent throttling issues surrounding the Snapdragon 810, but XDA forum member schecter7 thinks he may have found a simple fix. What is CPU throttling caused by? Excess heat. How do you get rid of excess heat? Add a bigger heat sink. This is essentially what XDA member schecter7 has done...

ZTE Axon First to Use Antimicrobial Gorilla Glass

Corning has announced that ZTE's upcoming flagship, the ZTE Axon, will be the world's first smartphone to utilize their new Antimicrobial Gorilla Glass.   Announced back at CES 2014, the new Gorilla Glass variant utilizes ionic silver embedded into the glass surface to obliterate odor- and stain-causing bacteria, algae, mold, mildew, and fungi that may make themselves...

Does Google Photos Backup Even When Uninstalled?

Recently, there's been a flurry of discussion about Google surreptitiously backing your photos up to the cloud without your knowledge, eating through mobile data plans and causing some users to incur overage charges. So, are these assertions true? Sort of... But it's not so much nefarious as it is poor design choice.

OnePlus 2: What We Know and What We Don’t

Well, everyone, the OnePlus 2 is upon us. In preparation for its much-anticipated reveal on July 27 at 7:00pm Pacific Time, several OnePlus staff have taken to reddit, answering questions from reddit users for almost two hours about the upcoming and anticipated OnePlus 2 Android phone.