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Enthusiastic about technology since a young age, he has always taken apart electronics just to see how they work and for the challenge of putting them back together. Now he spends his time Living on the internet, designing and implementing systems, and generally helping out people on IRC.

Raspberry Pi 2 Released

Just a few hours ago, the Raspberry Pi 2 was released. This has been a much awaited device by myself, and undoubtedly everyone else who has heard of the Raspberry Pi in our community. The Pi 2 sports BCM2836 SoC, which packs a quad core cortex-a7 CPU at 900MHZ. This is a huge jump from the previous...

Android 5.0.1_r1 Sources and Factory Images

A month ago, XDA Developer Admin pulser_g2 wrote an article about how Google's QA team seemed to be absent in the bring up of Android 5.0.0. Many of us hoped that a future update would solve at least some of the issues many have pointed out. Earlier, the Android 5.0.1_r1 sources were released, and from what we can gather...