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Trying to turn my dumb home into a smart one step by step. Robot vacuums, automated garden watering and mowing. Now, why isn't there a smart garden weeder?

SwitchBot Smart Home Controls Review: Your smart home starter pack

SwitchBot offers a range of products to introduce smart components into your home. From automated curtain openers to hands-off light operation and security devices, the SwitchBot range could ease your journey into smart home products I live in a dumb home. Built one hundred years ago with solid brick interior walls, it is not receptive to...

Yeedi Vac 2 Pro Robot Vacuum Review: Speedy cleaner with an oscillating mop

The Yeedi Vac 2 Pro is a sweeping and mopping robot vacuum that can be used as a stand-alone vacuum. It has an optional auto-empty station that empties the onboard dustbin into the base station so you do not need to empty the dustbin as often. The Yeedi’s mopping system is different from most other mopping...

Dreame Bot D10 Plus Review: Mid-priced robot vacuum and mop with auto-empty station

The Dreametech Dreame Bot D10 Plus two-in-one robot vacuum is an efficient workhorse of a robot vacuum that also has a mopping module for hard floors. There is also an efficient auto-empty station that will empty its onboard dustbin into a larger bag that will only need to be emptied every 30 days or so. Finding...