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Emil Kako is the Managing Editor of the XDA-Developers Portal. Previously an iPhone enthusiast, Emil jumped into the world of Android with the HTC One (M7) and never looked back. He has written for several well-known publications and is currently studying Electrical Engineering at San Diego State University. You can usually find him planning the next 10 feature posts for the portal, or trying to predict the future of an OEM on Twitter.

OnePlus 2 Images Leaked; Do You Like What You See?

We're only a couple of days away from the official unveiling of the OnePlus 2, but leaked pictures of the highly anticipated device have already given us a pretty good idea of what to expect. We reported on the leaked pictures earlier this week, and initial impressions from the community mostly seemed pretty mixed. What...

What Features Do You Look for in a Gallery App?

With so many different options to choose from, finding the right Gallery app may be a tough thing to do. Google Photos is the latest cloud service/gallery app to attempt to meet all your needs, but is it the best? Let us know what features you look for in a Gallery app, and which one is...

Do You Do Self-Repairs on Your Devices?

As smartphone designs become more and more complex, self-repairs on devices are also becoming more complicated. Unibody handsets like HTC's One flagship series can sometimes be a nightmare to repair if the person doesn't have much experience. That, of course, all depends on the device you are attempting to repair though. So, how many of...

Do You Have Insurance on Your Smartphone?

While affordable smartphones are becoming more available, the majority of high-end flagships are still upwards of $600. With these devices carrying such a hefty price, people look for different ways to protect their investment. The most popular way to protect your smartphone is just to buy a case, but many people like the added peace...

Users of the Snapdragon 810, How Has Performance Been for You so Far?

Qualcomm has been going through quite the rough patch this year with their SnapDragon 810 reportedly having extreme overheating issues. Multiple OEMs have claimed that the processor is just fine, but some tests have shown otherwise. At the end of the day, however, it all boils down (no pun intended) to how you use your...

What Is Your Favorite Custom ROM for Your Device?

Stock Android is great, but there's nothing like the excitement you get from installing a fresh new custom ROM. Custom ROMs are usually first to get many bug fixes and requested features, sometimes even long before official support from OEMs. Let us know your favorite custom ROM for your device, and what makes it so awesome.

What Are Your Expectations for the OnePlus 2?

The announcement for the highly anticipated OnePlus 2 is right around the corner. All we know about the device so far is that it will be using an updated version of the SnapDragon 810. Can the OnePlus 2 have the same impact on the industry as its predecessor? Let us know your expectations for the...

Do You Think Android Can Redeem Blackberry?

Once known as the king of smartphones, BlackBerry is now struggling to stay relevant in the mobile world. We heard reports early last week of BlackBerry working on an Android phone, but is this enough to redeem the falling company? Let us know if you think Android can make BlackBerry relevant again in the comments.

Do You Use Your Phone’s Speakers to Listen to Music?

A few smartphone makers, specifically HTC, have spent a lot of time and focus on improving the quality of speakers on their devices. Boomsound is touted as being miles ahead of the competition when it comes to quality of sound, but just how often do you listen to music on your smartphone's speakers? Let us...

How Much Internal Storage Do You Actually Have?

Earlier today, we reported on the mid-range 8GB Sony Xperia M4 Aqua only coming with 1.26GB of free storage. Unfortunately, the M4 Aqua isn't the only device that's crippled by incredibly heavy and bloated software. Some OEMs are slowly learning but there's still a long way to go. How much internal storage do you actually...

What’s One Thing You Wanted to See Announced at Google IO but Didn’t?

This year's Google IO event was a great success, with many new things announced. However, even with all of the new exciting stuff going on with Android M this year, there are still some things that we would have liked to see. What's one thing you wanted to see announced at Google IO but didn't?

Which IO Announcement Are You Most Excited About?

The keynote we had all been waiting for has just ended and it's time to enjoy all the new Android goodies! Google announced tons of awesome new stuff today so there is definitely a lot to check out. Let us know which Google IO announcement you're most excited about and why in the comments below.