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Emil Kako is the Managing Editor of the XDA-Developers Portal. Previously an iPhone enthusiast, Emil jumped into the world of Android with the HTC One (M7) and never looked back. He has written for several well-known publications and is currently studying Electrical Engineering at San Diego State University. You can usually find him planning the next 10 feature posts for the portal, or trying to predict the future of an OEM on Twitter.

Which App for iPhone Do You Wish Was on Android?

Only a few years ago, it was normal for a major app release to be available for iOS but come months later to Android. That seems to no longer be the case, as Android has advanced tremendously with Google putting a huge effort into its Play Store and ecosystem. However, while the majority of major...

Android Wear or the New Pebble Time?

The all new Pebble Time was announced this morning with a Kickstarter page hoping to raise $500,000. Within hours, that goal was surpassed by a whopping $4 million. Obviously, there's a great demand for the new color e-paper smartwatch, but is it enough to take our attention away from Android Wear? Let us know if...

Does Wireless Charging Matter to You?

Wireless charging is a feature that more and more OEMs are trying to incorporate into their flagships. However, there are a few companies which claim that the technology is still too slow to be considered as a real charging solution. So is wireless charging ready? Is it something you look for when considering a new purchase?

Must-Have Android Wear Apps?

Android Wear is still relatively new, so we can expect it to grow and get better with time. However, there are already a number of awesome things you can do with the platform for your wrist. Let us know some of your favorite "must-have" apps for your Android Wear smartwatch.

Now That Phones are Bigger, What are Tablets Good for?

The majority, if not all, of today's major Android flagships have displays larger than 5 inches. Only a few years ago, phones this big were seen as niche products, but "phablets" have become the standard now. With smartphones shifting towards the 5.5" to 6" display standard, we have to ask: what are tablets good for...

What Are the Best CyanogenMod Themes?

We recently did a round-up of some of our favorite CyanogenMod 12 themes, and have been highlighting dozens of interesting designs from our forums lately. But it's your turn to voice your opinions on your favorite CM 12 themes. Let us know which themes you think are the best and why.

Best Android Phone on a Budget?

There's no denying that there has been a major push for low-budget android phones in the industry lately. There are some very impressive phones with price-tags around half of what you would normally expect. But which ones are the best? Let us know what you think the best Android phone is to buy when a...

Xposed Framework for Android Lollipop is Here!

Xposed Framework needs no introduction to XDA readers. When asked about the things our community hates most about Lollipop, the single highest voted comment in the discussion was that it broke support for Xposed. In fact, many forum members have even refused to update to Lollipop specifically for this reason. But that all changes now, as...

What Was the Ugliest Android Phone Ever Released?

At one point or another, most of our favorite OEMs have made a poor design choice and released a hideous phone. But which Android phone tops them all? Let us know which phone you think deserves to be crowned as the ugliest Android device of all time.

What Do You Have Against Apple?

Things have certainly calmed down since the days of Steve Jobs' declaration of war on our favorite mobile OS. However, a quick scroll through the comments section of any Apple related stories on here will show you that there are still some grudges held. So what is it that you still dislike about Apple? Let...

What First Made You Come to XDA?

Was it to ask a question, find root instructions, or maybe grab a ROM? Let us know what first brought you over to XDA and how you joined the community!

Does QHD Really Look Much Better than FHD?

Screen resolution is certainly a hot topic in the mobile world right now, with enthusiasts ranging on both sides of the issue. Some argue that QHD displays are not worth the battery consumption, while others continue to push for the growth of the spec despite any drawbacks. But does QHD really even look that much better...