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Mechanical Engineer by degree, salesman by day, and a self professed technology lover on the side. Frequent user of iOS Android, OSX and Windows. Buyer of (way too) many flagships and fan of all things mobile. XDA member since 2010.

Fix For Galaxy S6 Memory Issues

Not unlike Nexus devices on Lollipop, Galaxy S6 users have been complaining of ram issues for some time now. Apps don’t seem to stay in memory very long, and there are launcher redraws abound. Ideally 5.1 brings some much needed help as it did with Nexus devices. In the mean time, a thread in our own forums seems...

AT&T Issues a No Prompt LG G4 Update

Several AT&T LG G4 users are reporting that AT&T pushed an update out to their devices. Users are claiming there was no prompt, confirmation window, or change log. The device simply updated and restarted on its own. The ability for AT&T to push an update to users devices with no interaction required is certainly cause for concern....

Apple Music Coming to Android This Fall

Apple just finished wrapping up this year’s WWDC keynote. Their traditional “One more thing...” was the long-rumored “Apple Music” service. Apple is joining the already crowded streaming music space with a few differentiators like curated stations (such as BeatsOne), Connect, and Siri Integration. BeatsOne will be broadcasted from different cities around the globe 24/7. Zane Lowe...