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<p>While my primary efforts are now PC hardware, I will continue to offer coverage on mobile and other technology relevant to our audience. My goal is to help share insight and news on topics often beyond the mobile device coverage XDA is world renowned for. It’s all part of the ecosystem that developers use to bring that goodness to you!</p>

Security Policy, Root and Custom ROMs Balancing Do’s and Don’ts

For those of us that run our own business and understand those risks, we may have an easier case than the rest of us who must follow corporate policy. The challenge is that, for better or worse, things are getting more secure out of necessity. Larger corporations are chasing certifications such as ISO 27001 to...

NVIDIA Shield K1 Tablet Receives Marshmallow OTA Update (Updated)

12/21/15 10:30pm CT Update: The article has been updated to add a response from NVIDIA PR regarding the update for the original tablet model. When NVIDIA announced the reworked SHIELD K1 tablet last month with Lollipop, it noted at launch that the newest version of Android would be making its way to the device within a few months. To build up...

LG G4 Marshmallow (officially) Hits US with Sprint Update

In October we saw LG begin the release of Android 6.0, codenamed marshmallow, for its global version of the G4. Since then it was widely expected that a US release would come soon, despite  little being officially known. Two weeks ago we got a hint that it was coming when an anonymous donation of a 6.0 build...