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Jeff Springer

Applied mathematician with a love for Android. I am interested in inverse problems for imaging and integration with camera software for mobile phones.

XDA Basics: How to take a Screenshot on macOS, using keyboard shortcuts, apps, and more!

Taking a screenshot is a necessary task on just about any device you use for work or play. Most users are well aware of how to take a screenshot on the most popular mobile phones. However, if you recently switched to Mac from Windows, you might be wondering how to take a screenshot on your...

What is Unified Memory and how does it work on Apple Silicon?

With the release of Apple's new M1-powered iPad Pro and 24-inch iMac, there's renewed interest in the amazing efficiency of the M1 chip. The launch of the M1 chip brought Apple's first use of unified memory architecture (UMA) on Apple silicon. This new approach to memory enables Apple to squeeze out higher performance from less...

XDA Basics: What is Disk Utility on Mac and What can it do?

Apple’s macOS is extremely popular due to its intuitive interface and relative ease of use. In addition, Apple designs attractive hardware that consistently puts some of their options on our list of the best laptops you can buy. While your Mac likely runs well most of the time, there's the occasional need to troubleshoot potential...